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Congrats! You have just met a multi-talented artist. I am a freelance writer, digital marketer, rapper, music producer, and memer.

No, I am not bluffing!

My thinking just goes against the world.

Instead of having a degree from Harvard, I would like to call myself a master of certain skills.

Yes, that’s all I need to make a difference 🙂

If we talk about freelance writing, I have been working as a freelance writer for 2 years. In these last 2 years, my writing has made a difference in the lives of many solo entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Aren’t you wondering how?

Well, my content is always:-


Delivered on Time

Fully SEO Optimized


Highly Researched

Well-Structured & Suitable for End Goals

Easily Readable & Engaging

There’s an old saying, ‘little drops of waters make the mighty ocean.’ 

From rapping to freelance writing – I have built my every skill the same way.

If you think that you can leverage my hard earned skills for your business, let’s have a chat 🙂


Clients & Reviews

Shamim Ahmed

Startup Founder & CEO at Pro Tech Solution

I've worked with many writers in my life. Azfar is the best writer I've ever seen. His creativity, writing, and skills impressed me and my clients. I recommend him as a pro writer, who is dedicated, friendly, honest, and hard worker.

Ciaran Doyle

CEO at eCommerceasean

I've been working with Azfar for over 5 months now and all I can say is this guy seriously puts in the effort when it comes to writing high quality, well researched content. He has a flair for writing that you won't find elsewhere, and your business and customers will thank you for such a great addition to your content arsenal.

Soni Bharti

SEO Analyst at SoniBharti

Azfar is really a professional writer. He is a diligent and hard worker and understands each aspect of writing as well as on page SEO. He is really a great writer and believes in providing awesome writing. Thank You Azfar. I will hire you again. Cheers:)

Namrata Naha

Freelance Social Media Associate, Knowledge Analyst, and Content Developer

Azfar is not only a great writer but also a good person. He respects me a lot because I gave him some content writing tips in the beginning of his freelance writing career. He always say, "you are my first client. There will always be respect for you in my heart." Wish you luck and a good future Azfar. You've come so far. I am proud of you.

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About Me

Hey, I am Azfar, a professional freelance SEO writer from India. 

If we talk about education, I am just a high school graduate. 

And to be honest, I grew up in such a place where a college graduate is considered to be a noble person.

According to my society, if you don’t go to college, no one would respect you or you will never be able to make a career. 

Well, I am on a mission to change that perception. 

I built my skills piece by piece since high school and became self-dependent at 17. 

Now I am 21 🙂