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My name is Azfar and I've been working as an SEO writer for the last 3 years. When I was a kid, I was that nerdy guy who had this desire to earn money at an early age.

Like any other desparate kid I also Googled how to make money online. At that time, I was in my freshman high school phase which is equivalent to 9th standard. And guess what? I stumbled across multiple things like Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, CPA Marketing, etc.

I still remember those days when I used to download 6-10 GB of pirated courses satisfy my curiousity. Even though I didn't practically implied those A LOT of things, but I've had fun with some. 


Writing is one of those things that stayed with me. 

I came across a site called iwriter.com and I wrote my first paid content there. Right after submitting my first project, my first client told me that I'm a pro content writer. 

In reality I was nowhere near the pro because it was my first project.

But yes, English is something that I've been in love with for years. And after learning from courses and the clients I met, here I am: A fully fledged SEO Content Writer :) 


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This is What Makes Me Different


Journalist Level Research

In my opinion, copying content from top 10 pages isn't research. To craft content that makes sense to readers, I take data straight from the origin while summing up the missing pieces of the puzzle.



Every keyword has its own intent. Google ranks content that fulfill user's search query. Considering this, I solve a reader's question in the most effective way without a lot of fluff.


Exceptional Care for Reader

I've never memorized rules of Grammar, but with practice I've learnt to write content that people can relate with. In fact, even a sixth grade kid can understand what I'm talking about.

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